Engineering / R&D
Mankind has entered into a constant struggle to improve its environmental conditions and possibilities. As a natural result of this struggle, finding the wheel made it easier to transport and plowing, progress was made in mining and road construction by finding gunpowder, inscriptions that would take years to reproduce by hand by finding the printing press, made it easy to print, found the steam engines and found the cars and roads we currently use. laid the foundations for commercial vehicles. It has increased the standard of living by making many more inventions and has been in a continuous innovation.

We are in a state of continuous development by following the path our ancestors followed in the past. We aim to reach the best by continuing our engineering and R&D activities without interruption. Thanks to the experience and knowledge we have gained in the sector and special machinery projects, we continue our R&D activities with our expert engineers. We strive to design our products in the most ergonomic and economical way by developing new and unusual techniques in our R&D activities.

If you need to give an example;
Elevators are of great importance in grain handling equipment. That's why we and our team are working to create the most ergonomic elevator design by simulating the elevator design using solid particle artificial intelligence programs.

As can be seen in the video on the side, the upper head is of great importance in the design of the elevator. Thanks to the artificial intelligence program we use, we both prevent material waste and achieve full customer satisfaction.